A Small team with ambition

Our small but dedicated team are everyday aiming to be the best in our field .

Our growth has made us .. 

From a one lady consulting agency , ConsultancyCambodia.com has grown through the years to a team of 6 accountants, that made ConsultancyCambodia.com diverse in her services.

Our team of accountants , made us a well known agency for everything for your easy stay in Cambodia.. 
ConsultancyCambodia.com has the knowlegde , network , and the manpower to assist you in everyway of living in Cambodia.

If you need a accountant, or setup a business , visa / work permit (extention), you will find everything for you convenience of living and working in Cambodia at ConsultancyCambodia.com 

Our small team of ladies are working 5 days a week to take work out of your hands.
Below our full beloved team of hard working ladies.. 

Our Team

Rachana Sam

Position: Senior consultant
CEO - Founder - Experience: 10 years 

Sar Sophannavy

Position: Accountant 
Experience: 4 years 


Position: Accountant
Experience: 2 years

You lyleta

Position: Accountant- manager
Experience: 11 years 

TU Samnang
TU Samnang

Position: Accountant
Experience: 2 years 

Melia Psy

Position: Accountant
Experience: 4 year

Mao munykanha
Mao munykanha

Position: Accountant
Experience: 2 years